laka saint vitus (biodance) wrote in seattlecheapass,
laka saint vitus

First Thursday Art Walk

Pioneer Square's First Thursday Art Walk is coming soon! For some reason, the first Thursday Art Walk is on May 30, which isn't first, but oh well.

Most galleries on the art walk route have either free or discounted admission. You also can't forget the free munchies and all of the FREE ALCOHOL you can possibly stand!

For more information, visit
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the first time i went to first thursdays, the promise of free wine was ringing in my ears. i wandered around galleries forEVER without so much as a single free glass of boxed franzia.

(although i must admit i have a friend who can find the free booze like a DEA drug-sniffing dog.)

so, my question is: who (besides the Tully's on occidental) has free booze at first thursdays?!
I haven't been to First Thursday in a while, but SAM is usually always a hit when it comes to the freebies. (They'd better, considering the dough they make). They used to just leave it out on a table.
Tully's having free stuff is news to me!